Equipment Financing

Financing That Outfits Your Business With Necessary Equipment

Does your business need equipment to perform daily tasks and serve your customers? Most companies do, which is why Crescendo Capital Solutions offers equipment financing to help you out. We can finance the equipment, tools and machinery you need to provide your services and keep up with your competitors, all so you can scale your business.

Reasons Why Leasing May Be Ideal

Purchasing equipment can put a heavy financial strain on your business, but leasing allows you to slowly pay for the tools you need over time and lessen that burden. More than that, you can have the equipment you need to operate. Other benefits of leasing your equipment through us include the following:

  • More freedom in your cash flow and working capital
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Repayment terms lasting as long as 84 months
  • Approval in less than a week
  • Fixed payments
  • Low payments each month

Your Choice of Leasing Programs

Whether you need small tools such as software for computers or large equipment such as bulldozers, our programs for equipment leasing can help you out. We offer the following three types of programs:

  • Lease to own: This program allows you to lease the equipment during the term agreement, and then after you finish repaying the loan ownership is transferred to your business.
  • Government bodies: We can help police stations, public libraries and schools, armed services, fire stations and other government buildings secure the equipment they need.
  • New businesses: It’s not easy to pay for equipment when you’re just starting out, so we help you lease the tools you need to get your operation off the ground.

Get Ready To Finance Your Equipment Today

Crescendo Capital Solutions makes it easy to finance the equipment you need to help your business succeed. If you’re ready to have the tools necessary for success, contact us today to be sent an application for our equipment financing.