Purchase Order financing

Inventory Is Critical to Your Business’s Success

Getting the supplies you need to fulfill customer orders can drain your company’s cash reserves. Depending on the seasonality of your business, it may require you to submit bulk orders that will deplete your accounts for months before it all gets sold. If this happens, you may find yourself in a vicious circle of borrowing money and paying loans throughout the year.
If you don’t want to keep repeating this trend, the professionals at Crescendo Capital Solutions can help. Purchase Order financing is a way to get the goods you need to provide services to your customers, all while keeping cash in the bank. Get to know the way this type of financing works.

The Advantages of Purchase Order Financing

At Crescendo Capital Solutions, we aim to provide you with the tools to keep your business in the black. One way to accomplish this is by purchasing the inventory and supplies your business requires. We pay suppliers who then ship directly to you. Once customers begin to buy the goods, you start repaying us. This allows you the opportunity to:

  • Expand your operations without additional long-term debt
  • Get the products to customers on time
  • Place and fulfill bulk orders
  • Quick access to funding

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Reach out today to start the process of securing the money required to build your business. Purchase Order financing is one way Crescendo Capital Solutions can serve your company’s financial needs.